Sensory Table

Finally a sensory table that will not fall apart at the slightest nudge. This table is made of heavy   gauge PVC pipe. It is compact and light weight so it can be used either inside the classroom or outside on the play ground. The table comes with a tub and a tight fitting lid. The tub fits in three different openings on the table to create three different heights. The heights are 19", 22" and 28".  Get 2 or 3 extra tubs so you can interchange the sensory product on a regular basis without having to throw out the old product. Click here to see a video on how to assemble the sensory table and how it works.

Key Benefits

Assembly of the sensory table 




Description SKU # Price
Sensory Table with Tub and Lid 8820 85.00 ea.
Extra Tub and Lid 8821 18.00 ea.
3 or more Tubs and Lids 8822 15.00 ea.

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