These drawing boards were meant for children (adults can use them too). Using a special magnetic pen children can write, draw or just create an image with the lightest of touch. If a change needs to be made, simple pressure of the finger is all it takes to "erase it". Unlike other sketching boards, small parts can be eliminated and redrawn without destroying all of the image. Also, if the image is left on the screen for a long period of time, it will still erase completely and not leave a "ghost" image. The boards are completely waterproof and will actually function under water. What a great experience it is for children to write underwater in a sensory table (or even a swimming pool). These also make great message boards for the home. See how the work by clicking here.


Drawing Board Demo



Description SKU # Price
Drawing Board with one pen 9000 10.00 ea
6 or more Drawing Boards 9001 9.00 ea

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